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Wudzo Home Interiors Bangalore

Building and living in their own house is a long-cherished dream of several individuals. Interior designers help aspiring homeowners create a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing living space. Expert designers play around with colors, textures, and designs while allowing the owners to express their personality and culture through their homes.

Wudzo has been one of the fastest-growing design-focused interior companies in Bangalore ever since we first opened our doors. They are proud to have successfully delivered more than 850 happy homes – all on time and within budget. They love what They do and it shows in their work.

Wudzo Home Interiors, Following the trend, many people today hire professional interior designing services hoping for a functional and beautiful home. However, most of the time, homeowners seem confused when finalizing the design or color due to the lack of visualization. So, to keep their excitement alive, Wudzo, a Bangalore-based home interior décor service, introduced augmented reality technology to their services.

Wudzo was the visionary result of two talented individuals, Varun Ravindran and Manoj Martin, who dreamt of transforming the Indian interior design landscape with their clairvoyant ideas and novel approaches. Incepted in 2017, the interior designing firm grabbed the attention of the citizens of India’s IT hub, quite comfortable riding on their cutting-edge interior solutions and fascinating home décor ideas.

As a part of their business expansion, they have recently deployed AR to their tech stack to give clients a 360-degree view of their new home.

The expert team of interior designers at Wudzo curates every piece of design, taking into account the individual requirements of their customers. Their tailored designing services make them stand out in a world where cookie-cutter designs reign confidently. Now, with the help of AR tech, they are offering their clients to visualize every detail of their designs, including colors, fabrics, furniture, and décor in the real-world environment.

The AR overlays every element of the natural world virtually to provide an experience of the outcome of the designing project beforehand. It aims to streamline the decision-making process for homeowners, especially first-time owners. It gives their customers a sense of control so that they do not feel alienated from the entire design process.

The virtual content produced by the AR also works for the designers at the designing firm as a frame of reference. With such rich and extensive 3D content in hand, Wudzo produces designs never seen before. This bold move of turning to AR has proven advantageous for the interior designing service as their clientele are getting a high-quality and hassle-free design experience.

The firm has already completed 850+ projects successfully and has been named one of the top 10 interior design firms in Bangalore.

Within four years of its outset, Wudzo has established its credibility as a high-end interior design solution provider. Their AR-driven designing services provide them with a competitive edge as it has improved the collaboration between their designers and customers. With a prior view of the future home and all the information, they are delivering enough customer satisfaction to create a strong brand image which will ultimately help them in the longer run.

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