What is the total cost?

IINY Grave(actual burial spot): call to obtain the most current price.
Please call the cemetery directly to obtain the latest fees for opening and closing, liner NYS vandalism,
You could use a funeral home of your choosing or the one we recommended. This is one area where quality of service and type of service matters more as opposed to finding the cheapest deal. Must have services include but not limited to Salat Al-Janazah, Ghusl and burial casket.

How long it’ll take to do the burial?

From the time you call us to the time we’ll do the actual burial it’ll usually take 1 to 2 days depending on the time of the day that we’ve received your call.

What funeral home do you use? Can I use another funeral home?

We use Alrayaan Funeral Services for their fast, hassle free services. However, you can use any funeral home you want. http://www.alrayaanfuneralservices.com/

Is GHUSL procedure​ (Washing and Shrouding) included?

Yes, if you use Alrayyan Funeral Services. If you choose to use another funeral home you should ask to make sure they offer this service. Otherwise, you’ll have to find a location that offers this service and pay additional cost for it. We have a list of these locations and help you locate the one that’s closest to your funeral home. This website outlines how GHUSL is performed properly: https://www.mfs.asn.au/ghusl–burial-steps.html

How about Salat alJanazah?

This is a guide on how it is done:
Usually the funeral home offers this service, but you can choose to take the janaza to a nearby mosque on the day of burial to perform the prayer and take the janaza to the cemetery afterwards.

How can I make a purchase?

After contacting Br. Ahmad, he’ll send an invoice to you and you’ll make your payment. After receiving your payment, it’ll take 1 day to issue the certificate of ownership. You’ll receive the original copy and the cemetery receives a copy as well. After two to three days, you can contact the cemetery directly in order to confirm your ownership.

What type of payments do you accept?

Checks, money order, cash, and online payments through our encrypted, secure payment system.

“Back home funerals are free at the local mosque. The family washes their loved one and the imam does the janaza (funeral) and there’s a common cemetery and you’re done,” he said. In the United States, the cost of the most basic funeral is about $2,500, not counting the expense of the cemetery plot.