Lift NYC Moving & Storage

Lift NYC Moving & Storage company in New York City, New York. Despite COVID and all of the snow They ’ve gotten this year, They haven’t stopped helping New Yorkers on the move get their belongings from point A to B. No matter the circumstances, if you have to move, Lift NYC Moving & Storage will make it happen! Thanks to Fox 5 NY for noticing how hard They’ve been working to keep New York City running like it always has.

Storage is taken from your apartment, brought to their secure storage facility, and packed into a room without you even having to visit the unit or buy a lock. Just let us know when you are ready to move out and all your items will be delivered wherever you need them.

Lift NYC Moving & Storage Company in New York City

Residential Storage

If you’re moving to a new apartment or renovating an old one, extra items can be stored until you’re ready for them. Don’t cram another closet again.

Business Storage

Office expanding or downsizing? Making space for a few more desks? We can store your business furniture for as long as you need. Storage and retrieval for documents and files available on request.

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