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Hey, are you looking for a Digital Coach in New York or the USA? Are you a Coach or trainer who want to create Digital Ecosystem? Do you want to share your knowledge with the world digitally? Let me introduce Suniltams Guruji who is a Leading Digital Coach. He can teach you how to become a digital coach and will help you set up everything required.

New York’s Leading Digital Coach – Suniltams Guruji (USA)

What is Digital Coaching?

Digital Coaching sharing knowledge with learners with the help of DIgital Systems. You have a learning management system where you deliver your recorded lessons. Also, you have weekly or simial live sessions with your learners to encourage them and resolve their queries.

So, in short, coaching learners digitally is called Digital Coaching.

Who can become a Digital Coach?

In these digital times, if you have any knowledge that can help anybody, you can become a digital coach.

You may be a Yoga Trainer, Health Coach, Language Trainer, Academics Tutor, or Digital Marketing Coach. You can create your own Digital Ecosystem and can help millions of people.

This way you are not only making a good earning online but also helping others achieve their goals.

Why should one become a Digital Coach?

When you are sharing your knowledge offline in a classroom, you always have a limit in terms of learners. Also, you have a time restraint. You need to be present in the classroom for teaching and coaching. Not only this, your students also need to commute a lot and invest a lot of time and money in commuting. This time can be consumed ins some really productive ways.

You can share a lot of information with your learners in digital coaching. Digital coaching is also affordable to your learners in many ways. The course you have to offer in a classroom for $100, can be offered for $10 digitally.

As a Digital Coach, you will have more time for research and enhance your skills.

Collaborate with other Digital Coaches across the globe

Not only your students but also you will have the opportunity to connect with learners and other digital coaches across the globe. You will have a better way to collaborate with other Digital Masters.

You can have an alliance with other Digital coaches. This way you can offer a lot of value to your learners.

What does one need to become a digital coach?

One needs a complete digital ecosystem to become a Digital coach. From website to funnels and from Email Marketing to paid ads, you need to have a fair knowledge of all these platforms to get started.

What is the problem with becoming a digital coach?

I have seen people being eager to become digital coaches. They also join some courses and programs to get started. Even they learn everything. However, they procrastinate in implementing the learning. Also, they are not tech-savvy to implement all the learnings from their coaches.

This is the major reason people are not able to kick start their digital coaching journey.

What is the solution to this problem if one is not tech savvy but committed to becoming a successful Digital Coach?

I have a great solution to this problem. I have a very nice program called SG Platinum Club.

What I actually do in this program is I come live with my learners and I implement everything in front of their eyes. So, they see everything getting ready in front of their eyes. They have a fair idea of what is happening. Not only this, they have recordings for their reference for later use. These recordings can be referred to by them anytime.

So, you can join my SG Platinum Club and get a complete Digital Ecosystem ready for your digital coaching.

What all is included in SG Platinum Club?

Below are the tools and setup that are included in SG Platinum Club.

  1. Website – Easy, Super Fast, World Class, and Responsive
  2. Unlimited Landing Pages
  3. FREE hosting
  4. Email Marketing Set Up – Convert Kit or Click Funnels
  5. Payment Gateway
  6. Intranet
  7. Automation and Integration
  8. Video Sales Mastery
  9. Initial Content and Copy Writing
  10. Facebook ads
  11. Google ads
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Facebook Pixel
  14. Social Media Management and Optimization
  15. Email Sequences
  16. DNS Management
  17. Subdomains
  18. Video Recording Tools
  19. Learning Management System
  20. Affiliate Marketing Set Up
  21. WhatsApp Automation
  22. Lead Nurturing
  23. Blogging
  24. Lead Magnet

All this with complete Handholding and world-class support.

I have helped numerous people become A Digital Coaches. They are doing really well. You can have a look at my testimonials.

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How to Become a Digital Coach in New York USA

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