Have U Got Yourself Covered?

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How much insurance do you need?

Why do you need insurance?

These questions may arise in our mind and at times the answers to these insurance questions are quite confusing.

Let’s try to keep the answer simple for you. So that you can decide if you need insurance or not and if you need it then how much do you need.

Insurance need depends on many factors and differ from Individual to individual.

If you have tons of money and lots of properties, you may not need insurance. Especially life insurance. For other insurance types, kindly note that most of them are necessary to have to run the things as per the law.

Now, if you think that your dependents will not be able to make both ends meet in your absence or they will not be able to lead a comfortable life, you need Term Life Insurance.

Nobody gives a damn what happens after them in the world. However, when someone has got a family, we do think and worry about the things which may happen to them when we are not around. The final choice is yours. Nobody is forcing you to do so.

Life Insurance protects your family/dependents when you are not anymore there for them. They get the financial support which you wanted them to have. Well, I believe, it is a great thing to have. I would never like my loved ones to suffer after me.

I would like to ensure that

  • My Loved ones continue to have the affordability they enjoyed in my presence
  • Meet day to day living costs
  • Meet any additional living costs
  • Cover the cost of my funeral
  • Pay off any debts in my name

If you have decided to take insurance, you can contact any Insurance Agents HERE.

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NMS Insurance New York NYC

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